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Nope, It's Not Soap!

Simply Bee Lotion Bar
What's inside?

Careful consideration is given to insure that every ingredient used is grown and produced in Oregon, when possible.

Beeswax: Provides the sweet smell of honey, a beautiful color, and locks in moisture to keep skin firm and plump.

From our bee hives in Mulino, OR.

Meadowfoam Butter: Contains fatty acids and antioxidants to provide mega moisturizing power.

Grown and produced in the Willamette Valley

Safflower Oil: Contains Vitamin E, lecithin & carotenoids that moisturize, nourish and restructure skin.

Grown and produced in the USA

Pure Essential Oils: Provides healing properties of the plants they are derived from.

Grown and distilled in Oregon


Honey-- Nourishing





"handmade in Oregon with help from   our honeybees"
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